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Older people often find it challenging to get in and out of a car. As you get older, conditions such as arthritis, as well as general weakening of the muscles, can make a simple task like lowering yourself into the car quite tricky.

If you think about how much effort and contortion you need to get in and out of a car, it’s easy to see why elderly people can find it tricky.

Thankfully, there are special car door grab handles available that fit to any car and make it so much easier for elderly people to get in and out of the vehicle.

All these grab handles do is provide a good solid grip for the elderly person to hold their body weight as they lower themselves into the car.

These handles can be fitted to the elderly person’s own car, or a family member or carers’ car.

One of the best things is that they give the elderly person a feeling of freedom as they no longer need assistance to get in the car.

Why Do Seniors Need Car Door Grab Bars?

Having a door latch grab bar in your car gives your aging loved one a sense of independence and support. Besides, the fitting offers them balance when sitting or standing from the car.

Car door latch grab bars are ideal for seniors with mobility problems or those lacking balance. Also, they offer support to senior citizens recovering from surgery or weight problems.

Things to Consider When Buying A Car Door Grab Handle for Seniors

Although grab handles are simple by design, there are many options available, so choosing the one that will best serve your purposes can be a minefield. The following is a buying guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a grab handle for your car.

Features of Grab Handles

Universal Fitting

Choose a latch grab bar that universally fits in your car door without calling for modifications. This means you can easily remove the handle when you sell your car without it leaving any marks or holes.


Some grab handles come with extra features; for instance, you can choose a car grab handle with an emergency hammer or a key holder.

Handle Comfort

Choose the car grab handle that is smooth but not slippery for wet or sweaty hands.


Choose a car grab bar that will last you a long time and is strong enough that you will always trust it to support your weight

Weight Capacity

Also, consider the amount of weight the car grab handle can hold beyond breakage.

Best Car Door Grab Handle for the Elderly

Able Life Auto Assist Grab Bar

If your loved one has limited mobility or lacks balance, this is the best car grab handle for them. The car handle is well designed to prevent falls and injuries when getting in and out of the vehicle. Additionally, it’s lightweight and portable.

This is a car grab handle that’s non-slip on sweaty hands. Its small size (18×4×2.5 cm) makes it lightweight and portable and easily stored into a glove box. Additionally, it fits in all vehicle modes without calling for modification.


  • Firm and light in weight making it easy for attachment or detachment from the latch
  • It’s relatively small compared to others (18×4×2.5cm) making it easy to fit into the senior’s bag or purse
  • Comfortable grip even on sweaty hands
  • It provides both stability and balance.
  • Heavy duty that can hold up to 300 pounds
  • It has a key holder hidden within the ergonomically shaped handle.


  • Robust, reliable and safe
  • Comes with a firm grip
  • Usable on both the passenger and the driver’s side
  • Provides user’s independence
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Prevent falls and injuries
  • Very sturdy


  • Wobbles until the user puts their weight on it

Emson 9663 Car Cane Portable Handle

This is the best car handle grab bar for seniors suffering from imbalance. The handlebar comes with aluminum stands to make it sturdy. Additionally, it hooks instantly on the car latch. Although this handle grab bar can withstand a bodyweight up to 160 kg, it’s lightweight and portable, and one can easily store it in the car’s glove box.


  • Perfect fit for almost all cars
  • Made of aluminum making it strong enough to hold up to 160 kg
  • Reliable and sturdy


  • Fits all cars
  • Features a handy light making it safe and easy to use in the dark
  • The aluminum makes it shiny and colorful


  • The aluminum is less durable under pressure

Stander Metro Car Handle Plus

This is a unique handle grab bar that makes it easy and quick for seniors getting in or out of a car. It features a comfortable handle to allow the senior to support themselves. Additionally, its very study enabling it to support a bodyweight up to 229 kg. The handle features a flashlight that makes it safe and easy to use at night or in dark parking garages.


  • Built-in flashlight for night use
  • Strong and durable
  • Sleek appearance and comfortable
  • Fits all car models


  • Its 8 inches in length thus it can comfortably fit into a glovebox
  • Supports body weight up to 229 kg (500lbs)
  • Fits in all car models
  • Features a flashlight for safe nighttime use


  • The flashlight isn’t durable

Stander HandyBar

This handle grab bar is the most ideal for seniors recovering from surgery. It not only offers protection and support to the user but also features a seatbelt cutter for additional peace of mind in an emergency.


  • Universal fitness in all vehicles
  • Multifunction with a window breaker and seatbelt cutter for use in cases of emergencies
  • Non-slip with a comfortable grip
  • Steady and firm to protect the user from falling


  • Reliably supports body weight up to 160 kg (350lbs)
  • The additional features such as the seatbelt cutter make it stand out


  • Users can use the window breaker as a weapon


Are you looking forward to offering your elderly loved one a comfortable ride? Seniors hate losing their independence, and the low purchase price of one of these handles is worth it for the improved quality of life they could bring.

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