Best Friendship and Dating Apps for Seniors


There are approximately 20 million people over 60 who are single. The need for a life partner grows as we get older. Sometimes being single can add stress to an elderly person’s life as feeling lonely can be a significant issue at this age.

Some seniors turn towards dating apps to overcome their loneliness and attempt to make themselves happy by finding someone they can share their personal feelings and life with.

There are plenty of affordable dating apps that provide a safe experience for seniors. The reason behind using these apps is to find someone of a similar age to socialize and maybe form a relationship with.

For some elderly people, using these apps gives them a sense of purpose and helps them overcome loneliness.

Why Do Seniors Need To Use Dating Apps?

  • They want to find a partner after a failed previous relationship or loss of a partner.
  • They want to build a relationship with someone and especially want to share their feelings and emotions with them.
  • They may feel alone and stressed, so they are searching for companionship.

Things You Should Know About Dating Apps

Here is some basic information about dating apps for seniors.

Difference between agencies and dating apps

If you are looking for a dating service that provides you with a perfect match, speed dating events, or your looking for a serious relationship or even marriage, then dating agencies are more suitable.

Usually, these agencies are recommended for single elders who cannot access basic apps for dating.

Many seniors around the world are keeping themselves busy via online dating.

Free Trial for Seniors

The dating apps often offer customers a free trial on the app when you first sign up.

This helps seniors to understand the central concept of using dating apps and also helps them become familiar with them. The benefits these apps offer to their senior members are:

  • Signing up is free and easy for some apps.
  • You are building up your own profile.
  • Add photos to your profile. Search for the perfect match from hundreds of single seniors.
  • Send and receive e-mails from potential matches.

Finding the Right Person

It is important for seniors to try to find the perfect match using these apps. Seniors usually prefer to use apps that are user friendly and consist of similar age group members.

Various aged people use dating apps, so it is essential they use the right app for their preferred age group.

Apps for Different Age Groups

People who are 50+

Seniors may find dating apps recommended for people aged 50 and over. For example, is one of these apps and is highly recommended for this age group.

This is the most popular dating app and has the highest number of users than any other app. The user’s age ranges from 20-60, so it is the best app and website recommended for seniors who are searching for both people of a similar and younger age.

Seniors may also use, which is another excellent option to meet a partner. This is specially designed for seniors to give them a user-friendly and positive experience.

It is free and easy to sign up, and seniors can also sign up for different activities each month to alleviate their loneliness.

People Over 60 Years

For 60 plus seniors, and silversingles are both very popular. These apps are recommended for single seniors who want to meet like-minded people. Seniors use this app for dating, finding friends and companions

People Older Than 70 Years provides a convenient platform for singles over 50 years old to find their life partner. It is meant for highly educated people who are searching for a committed relationship.

Get Success Meeting The Right Partner

Reputation is the key factor when choosing a dating app or dating service for seniors. Make sure to use only user-friendly applications that have good ratings and positive feedback. It should be a smooth and straightforward process for the seniors to sign up.

The Importance of Safety For Seniors When Using Dating Applications

Many people are afraid that it is not safe or secure to use dating apps, especially for elders who are new to dating apps. Check for all legal processes that will help to keep your seniors safe.

For example, check for the profile process of verification, and for all the services they offer.

Selecting the right dating app for seniors is easy and quite straight forward. You need to check for user reviews on all applications and then recommend the most appropriate app based on their dating needs.

The Best Dating Apps for Seniors

Here is a hand-picked selection of dating apps that are great for seniors to sign up to and find their perfect match.

Senior Dating- Dating App

 Seniors often think it is difficult for them to find someone to socialize with, but by using this dating app, they can easily meet like-minded people to go out and share good times with.

This app can be easily installed from Google Play store on Android phones.

It is simple to find someone in your own area or people from all parts of the world who you can chat online.

Reasons to install this app:

  • This app provides free registration for seniors.
  • It helps to get access to all the features of a particular website.
  • You can find millions of people near you or from any part of the world.
  • This app is known to be mobile-friendly.

Gold Love

This is another great app that people above 50 years can use without hesitation. You can now easily search and meet people with the same interests as you. It is the best senior dating app and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It is now effortless to meet mature single seniors.

Senior Chat

This is considered to be the best dating and friendship app for seniors. It is often really difficult to find the right partner, but through using this application, seniors can now easily search for a suitable life partner.


This is the best dating app for all age groups, including seniors.

Other Dating Apps That Seniors Can Use

Some of the other common dating apps recommended for seniors above 50 years are:

  • OurTime.
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • SilverSingles


Seniors are single for a number of reasons, perhaps due to the loss of a partner, or divorce or separation. Sometimes seniors feel they need a partner to prevent loneliness and also want a companion to share their later years with.

Seniors have several options when attempting to find the right person to share their life with. Dating apps usually attract younger people. However, due to the advancement in technology, an elder individual can search for their ideal partner in the comfort of their own home through a user-friendly dating app.

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  1. You should eliminate Plenty of Fish from your list. After being scammed by someone I met on this site I was told it is known for scammers.

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