Best Grab Bars for Seniors


Senior living has become a crucial part of any society. Over the years, there has been a noticeable and deliberate effort to improve the quality of services offered by assisted living homes. However, the standard of the services provided has come under scrutiny.

Grab bars are effective tools that have reliably been employed because of their convenience. Mainly designed to provide support, grab bars have proven to be a significant addition to any assisted living community.

Brought about by the rising need for more convenience to facilitate the daily activities of our elderly, grab bars have been widely accepted and embraced by the senior population all around the world.

What Are Grab Bars?

Grab bars are commonly made of metal or plastic rods that are conveniently utilized in pairs and installed strategically in fixed areas or positions to provide maximum support. Aging comes with its limitations, and the inevitable consequences of aging can be excruciating.

There are a wide variety of well-known ailments that have been proven to be most likely to affect the elderly population.

Some of the ailments that have notoriously plagued the senior population, and universally so, include high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, dementia, joint pain, and Alzheimer’s disease. With these ailments, life can be an unbearable experience for seniors.

These ailments create limitations that could prevent you from freely moving around. Grab bars attempt to provide a solution to this problem. Many homes for seniors have adopted the technology, and it has worked positively to enhance mobility for older people.

These Are Some of The Benefits of Using Grab Bars

If you’ve never seen a grab bar being used, you might not know how it is used and what its main benefits are. Here’s a comprehensive list of grab bar benefits:

Stability and Balance

Grab bars mainly provide external bodily structural support while you attempt to become mobile or get into a more comfortable fixed position. As you age, your body naturally reduces its level of performance — and in turn, the useful output of strength significantly drops. This necessitates the need for convenient tools such as grab bars to provide maximum support for mobile assistance.

Having a few grab bars strategically placed around a senior living environment profoundly increases the convenience of moving around safely and conveniently as you go about your daily scheduled activities.


Advanced age does not necessarily spell an end to a productive existence. Life goes on, and you have to continue playing your part in society. Grab bars have enhanced functionality for seniors. You get to rely on the support of these facilities and thereby get the opportunity to carry on with your planned programs.


The vast availability of the grab bars has worked favorably to make their prices manageable. This equipment can be conveniently purchased from online sources, including, to enhance your assisted living experience.

Types of Grab Bar

There are different types of grab bars available to you for installation around identified areas to make movement significantly safer and easier. These include:

Stainless Steel Curved Grab Bars

These grab bars are your ideal option for your bathroom, as well as your kitchen support needs. They come in three sizes and are complemented by oval-shaped covers to hide the screws that hold it in place.

Chrome Grab Bars

Widely known for their sleek and flashy look, these grab bars are built with stainless steel and are perfect for your bathroom or kitchen. As they provide an adequate grip for enhanced safety, the chrome grab bars come in five sizes.

Angled Grab Bars

These grab bars provide support in areas that require a shift in angular motion. This might be in places like the bathroom. Angled grab bars come in handy while trying to get up or get to a lower position without putting too much strain on your body.

Folding Grab Bars

This kind of grab bar provides convenient support that is retractable or can be moved out of the way whenever needed. Typically used in bathrooms, they can either be raised or lowered as needed.

Fixed Arm Grab Bars

Known for providing reliable support and balance, this grab bar is commonly screwed or permanently attached to a wall or similar surface. These are usually firmly placed to provide maximum support whenever you might need it.

Outdoor Grab Bars

As the name suggests, these grab bars are typically found outdoors. Commonly situated around areas like stairways and elevated walkways, outdoor grab bars provide convenient support structures that are crucial for safe and secure movement.

Five Hand-Picked Grab Bars

Ezone Shower Grab Bars For Bathtubs And Bathrooms

Equipped with the suction mechanism, this plastic model can be conveniently set up in your bathtub as well as in your bathroom. Easy to install, this stylish model is well equipped with anti-slip mechanisms and is sufficiently built to provide support to people weighing up to 300 pounds.

Moen R8924 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar

This stainless steel model has been built to provide strength and durability. Specially designed to be easily installed at the desired angle, this grab bar could be the piece that could complete your bathroom.

Suction Shower Handle & Bathroom Balance Bar By Vive

The transferable grab bar adds new meaning to the whole concept of assisted living. It is easy to install while still capable of serving its intended purpose.

The Sumnacon 16-Inch Bath Grab Bar With Anti-Slip Grip

This is a very versatile model. Capable of being used under different circumstances, including in bathrooms, toilets, stairs, bathtubs, and kitchens, this grab bar can be relied on to provide supportive facilitation as you move around. Ribbed and made of stainless steel, safety is a priority with this model.

The Stander Security Pole And Curved Grab Bar

This grab bar can be installed anywhere within your home; it is, however, particularly effective in the bathroom. Secured by tension mounts on both the floor as well as on the ceiling, the bar has a pivoting curve grab in the middle that moves and locks every 45 degrees to make moving around easier.

The Bottom Line

Grab bars are a part of the success of assisted living in modern senior living homes. They are made available to you and your loved ones to make sure that your experience is safe, secure, and comfortable.  

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