The Best Overbed Table for the Elderly


Getting the right type of overbed table, which makes you feel comfortable, can often be easy to do. They are designed to fulfill all your needs when you are in a recovery phase or when you are asked to take bed rest for some time. 

Overbed tables are both easy to use and convenient for the elderly who need such tables often. Overbed tables can either be kept at home or in hospitals, and they can be of great help to elderly people while eating, reading books, or using devices such as laptops. 

Overbed Tables

These tables are perfectly designed for either the elderly or for patients who are advised to have bed rest. As their name indicates, they can be placed over the bed as they are designed in such a way that allows people to slide them over the bed, while at the same time resting and staying on the bed comfortably. 

The primary purpose of these tables is for hospital use as well as from a medical point of view for helping patients who either cannot stand and work or for seniors. They are easy to access for purposes such as reading a newspaper, using a laptop, and having dinner. 

Overbed tables are designed so that they can easily be adjusted to different positions and to have durability. They can be used easily with a height that can be adjusted as the patient requires.

Overbed tables for seniors should be of the proper size, which is large enough that they can be used for eating or doing hobbies/crafts. They can even be tilted, which should be done to keep the neck and back properly aligned. Some overbed tables contain wheels that are easily movable. 

The Different Types of Overbed Tables

Many types of overbed tables can be found, which are designed according to the needs of patients and seniors. These types include:

Inpatient Overbed Tables

These are made to provide benefits for seniors and patients in hospitals and clinics who are asked to rest and are in the stage of recovering.

These beds are available in different shapes and are specially designed to facilitate the patient’s recovery during their stay in the hospital. This can be an excellent resource for those who are bed-bound for long periods. 

They are often made with a four-wheeled base that can be slid over the bed along with a tabletop that is rectangular in shape. Some essential features can include space for vanity kits and holders to keep coffee.

Bariatric Overbed Tables

These are almost similar to that of inpatient overbed tables but are usually recommended for larger patients and consist of an elongated tabletop.

Pediatric Overbed Tables

These tables are best used for children. They are great support for both caregivers and children to help them eat or play games.

Essential Things To Know Before Purchasing An Overbed Table For Elderly People

It is vital to consider all of the following parameters when purchasing seniors an overbed table.

Dimensions of the Overbed Table

The dimensions of the bed intended to be used with the overbed table must be checked so that it can be purchased according to the size of the bed. Many overbed tables come with a spill guard around the perimeter that helps to catch spills. The edges should also be checked to ensure they are not sharp.

The angle of the Overbed Table

The angle of the overbed table should also be checked before the purchase. An adjustable overbed table should be purchased if it needs to be used for more than one purpose.


Remember that overbed tables take up space, but they can be multi-functional. If space is an issue, search for a foldable table that can eliminate this problem and is easier to carry to different locations.  

Table Height

An overbed table with adjustable height can allow it to be placed in different positions. These height-adjustable tables can be helpful when used along with wheelchairs and recliners that are placed adjacent to the beds of seniors.


When purchasing, keep in mind that the overbed table must be easy to use for the handler as well as for the elderly person for whom it is being purchased. Overbed tables may be used for daily purposes.

Try to purchase overbed tables that can be easily assembled and fixed when required. Try to buy overbed tables for seniors that have easy to use mechanisms which can be implemented on a daily basis. There must be locking features available so that the items on top of the table can be kept safe.

Type of Surface Material

Purchasing a laminated wood surface will mean the table can be cleaned more easily. In this way,  the luster can be kept, and the overbed table can remain shiny for longer, meaning that many years of benefit can be had from it. These tables are especially helpful to use for patients or seniors who cannot stand properly and need to stay in bed.

Top 5 Overbed Tables For Seniors

Next up, I have hand-picked five overbed tables that meet all the essential criteria you need to look out for. Each one has it’s own pros and cons, so check out the options and buy the one that suits your needs the best.

Overbed Table with Wheels, Tribesigns 70.8” Queen Size Mobile Desk with Heavy-Duty Metal Legs 

Product description:

This type of overbed table is made up of durable wood along with legs that are made up of sturdy steel. These beds can be used either for dining, reading, or working comfortably.

They are made with the help of thickened wood boards that are finished smoothly, which are durable and can store up to 35 pounds of weight inside. 

The dimensions of this product are 71 x 61 inches with an extra-large framework that allows it to be used even with a queen-sized bed. It is used in the form of a dining table, and the form of a computer table desk. 

Benefits of purchasing this overbed table:

  • 350-pound capacity
  • Durable and stable with a steel frame
  • A large surface that supports the complete width of the bed. 
  • Universal wheel with locks allowing transport anywhere
  • High-quality construction with a unique design
  • 18-month warranty with a refund available 
  • Easily used by seniors in bedrooms, studios or other rooms

Drawbacks of this overbed table:

  • Cannot be tilted in any direction or angle
  • Height cannot be adjusted. 

UNICOO – Height changeable Overbed Table Laptop

Key features:

This overbed table is uniquely designed, consisting of a cross bed table where seniors can work easily along with their laptops or even enjoy breakfast.

The advantage of this overbed table is that the height and length can be easily adjusted. The height ranges from 51-92 inches. The length is also adjustable between 26-43 inches. It can easily fit on any bed sizes from twin to king. 

It is made with the help of a sturdy wooden surface along with a metal frame made of steel. This overbed table can be assembled easily, and anyone can fix it when needed. 

This product is multi-functional and can be used as a computer table when required. It also includes 2-inch wheels that allow the table to be moved to comfortable positions and closer distances to the person in bed when using a laptop or sitting and watching TV. The parts of the table are easy to understand. 

Pros of Unicoo overbed table:

  • Unique design 
  • Height can be adjusted any time
  • Constructed from steel and wood
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-purpose depending upon the need of the user. 
  • Wheels allow easy maneuverability when required. 

Cons of Unicoo overbed tables:

  • Wheels can become locked by themselves
  • It cannot be tilted to an angle. 

Overbed Table with Wheels, LITTLE TREE Multi-Function Height & Length Adjustable

Key features:

  • It consists of a unique and adjustable lilt board design. 
  • The length and height of the overbed table can easily be adjusted with the size of the table, which makes it comfortable for seniors to use. It is able to be used with a laptop for work purposes. 
  • It has high durability, which is the reason it has a simple design and heavy-duty construction. It has a 350-pound capacity that can hold items safely. 
  • This overbed table is known to be multi-functional and comes with locks that are placed to push on the bed when needed. It can be used for seniors as a workstation for laptops or office work. It can be used as a book stand as well. 

Advantages of Little tree multi-functional overbed table:

  • 18-month warranty
  • Easily change and adjust the height and length
  • Table tray can be tilted in any direction
  • Durable and sturdy. 

Con of this product:

The only disadvantage is that it needs more than one person to assemble it. 

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Tilt Overbed Bedside Table that contains Wheels

Key features:

  • It is best used at home but can be used in the hospital as well. This overbed table is considered to be the top-selling product which is recommended by doctors
  • These overbed tables are durable and safe to use. They are constructed with heavy-gauge steel material that has a locking process.
  • They can be tilted and adjusted at any time using knobs. 
  • The height can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs. The maximum height it can attain is 39 to 41 inches, which can be increased and moved when needed. 


  • Consists of two parts that can be tilted in any direction
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Adjustable height whenever needed
  • High-quality and durable steel construction


  • Cannot hold heavy objects
  • Complicated to assemble 

Akway Mobile Laptop Desk Cart 31.5 x 15.7inch Laptop Stands Mobile Laptop Desk Rolling Cart Overbed Table

Product description:

This product is made from high-quality steel material. It can be used for many purposes, such as doing office work on a laptop in a hospital and for other tasks as well.

It contains many adjustable features that are user-friendly and are helpful for people of every age. It is highly recommended for seniors and is widely used in nursing hospitals and for people that are advised to rest at home.

It is lightweight, which helps when carrying it to different locations. It can easily be assembled, which makes it the best product for the elderly.


  • Easily fitted with durable construction
  • Versatile can be used for many purposes at the same time
  • Height of tabletop can be changed
  • Lightweight


  • The tabletop cannot be tilted at any angle
  • It cannot take heavy loads on it.


It is essential to use an overbed table for seniors or patients because it gives them the opportunity to stay active while resting. It is wise to buy the best type of overbed table, which may be of premium quality and contains many attractive and impressive features.

Select the right type of overbed table based on the request and the needs of the person who will be using it.

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