Best Shower Seat for Seniors


Shower seats, also known as bath chairs or bath benches, permit seniors or the disabled to stay comfortable, safe, and properly sit during the bath. There are suction cups attached to every chair that helps to keep the user safe from moving or sliding on the bench.

These shower seats feature adjustable legs that allow you to customize the bench’s height to suit the person using it.

As the floor gets wet, there are chances of slipping or falling on the floor. Many of us might have faced this situation when they fall off and experience a severe injury. This situation worsens if it happens in old age

It has been noticed that among elders, bathroom falls have been the cause of many injuries, which can even cause death in some cases. It is not in everyone’s price range to purchase a walk-in shower tub.

Moreover, if your washroom has a shower and, also, you are worried about the safety of your elders, then for sure, you must get them a shower seat.

A bath bench, shower seats that can be folded, or a wall-mounted seat during the shower can be used to keep your elders safe. Keep in mind it should be comfortable, secure, and protected when your seniors are taking a bath.

Reasons to Purchase A Shower Seat for Seniors

More than 200,000 non-fatal washroom injuries have been recorded in the U.S. (CDC investigation). Among all the reported cases, the majority case occurred with old age people. With the advancement in age, the risk of washroom accidents increases.

All these washroom accidents are reported to be occurring near the shower area or bathtub.
This implicates old age people are exposed to a higher risk of getting injured during a washroom accident. So, they need our care and protection. For their safety, taking precautionary measures and investing in a suitable shower seat is now more critical than before.

In some scenarios where older people are living independently, or in an old age home, or using a care helper, you must take preventive measures for their safety by making an on-time decision to buy the help they need to avoid any mishaps.

Who Can Benefit from Shower Stools?

Shower seats (also termed as bath benches, shower benches, bath chairs) are often advised to the people who need help and proper assistance for safe baths. Although these seats are designed for elders, people of all age groups can use it without any difficulty.

It is recommended for the following people to use this type of seat during the shower:
• Elders who are old age
• Patients recovering from back injuries
• People recovering from bones breakage (it can be either leg, knee or ankles injuries)
• People who use sticks
• Disabled patients

Home modification is an alternative to shower stools in which you can renovate your washroom and design it in a unique way that fits your needs. But this is a high cost and time-consuming process.

You can keep yourself and your elders safe and get the best choice shower seat for your safety that can provide you all the benefits and keep you safe from any danger.

Features to Consider When Choosing A Shower Chair for Elders

• Check for space in your bathroom for keeping the shower seat
• The bodyweight that it can support
• Your elders need a fixed or adjustable one.
• Is it recommended by your senior’s doctor to get any specific shower seat?

You must know answers to all these questions along with the dimensions of the area where you wish to place the shower seat. You need to search and get the right product for your elders that will be beneficial for them to use.

Here are some key factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the suitable shower stool for your seniors:

For elders, if they want more stability to keep their balance maintain, mobility, they need to get a shower chair for them that will make their life easy.

A bath stool can help seniors to bathe safely, even being exposed to water without the fear of slipping.

For more safety during the bath, you can also install bathroom grab bars for elders that can reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom when rising after bathing from a seating position.

You need to consider these factors when choosing the right shower seat for elders:

Back support and armrests:

You must go for those shower chairs that are provided with the armrest or some back support for more stability purposes which can be either removable or non-removable.

Separate compartments:

You might consider choosing a shower chair that has separate compartments for safe and easy access. There must be an easy slot to carry a handheld showerhead.

Height of the shower chair: The height of the shower seat must be tall enough so that the user can bend the knees at an angle of 90-degree and the feet touch the floor. This feature is crucial for ease in sitting rising from the chair. The seat of the shower chair:

Perfect shower seats must be comfortable, wide, and resistant from slipping. To prevent water build-up, bath seats must have drainage holes.


You need to keep in mind before purchasing the shower chair to check all the parameters like height, weight, breadth, and depth that will help you to see that it fits appropriately into your shower or bath and leaving space to move.


Choose a shower chair that can support the weight of the user. Many bath chairs can hold 250 pounds of weight, but people who want their bath chair to hold more weight can consider Bariatric shower chairs.

Keeping these all factors in mind, the following are the best, top-rated and the safest shower chairs recommended for seniors:

Reviews on Best Shower Seat For Seniors

Every shower chair product has its main benefits and drawbacks. When choosing the right shower seat, it is not only the high price that matters. You need to consider other merits which may benefit the elders according to their needs. Few of the reviews are discussed below:

Transfer Bench With support at the Back

It is Absolutely necessary to bath safely come out of it without any risk of falling along with being comfortable. This is why these transfer benches are recognized as an important factor when we talk about safety equipment for seniors.
You can get any transfer bench which has a back and is light in weight. You can assemble it quickly, and it is also made with plastic that is free from latex so is allergy safe.

Main Features of the Transfer Bench:

• Height of the transfer bench can be increased up to 1-inch
• You may get two suction cup feet that help to remain steady
• It can easily support around 300 pounds of weight
• The Back of the seat is easily reversed
• You can comfortably assemble it whenever you want.

Pros of Transfer bench:

• This shower seat is light in weight
• This can be assembled easily
• You can use it easily with shower curtains closed
• It can easily hold 300-pounds weight.


• Some elders often find the seat too deep that is 17-inch in depth from seat till Back.
• It can often be bulky.

The Drive Medical Rotating Bath Stool

People without exception look for lightweight and which can be assembled comfortably?

This is the ultimate shower seat for such users. It is not a complicated shower seat hence recommended for people who like to have such shower stools in their washrooms, and that is also sturdy with a height that can easily be adjusted.


• It Incorporates a padded seat
• It comes up with easy mobility and locks at 90 degrees
• It can be rotated completely
• The height of the shower seat can be adjusted easily from 16-23 inches that also with 1-inch increment.
• It also comprises a tray that can be removed.


• It can support heavy weight people weighing to 450 pounds.
• It can be assembled easily


• It is without backrests

This shower seat is advised for people that are extremely heavy, and they need something to help them during a bath for safety purposes and can be assembled without any difficulty.

Shower Chair With Backrest

If you are looking for an extra-wide seat with adjustable height, here you are at the right place. It is available with padded handles, chair legs that are non-slippery, and this product is considered as stable. It is designed to fit properly in the bathrooms, which is light in weight and can be moved anywhere when required.

Features of the Shower Chair with Backrest:

• It can be assembled easily.
• It comes up with suction rubber tips for stability and to make it more secure and safe.
• Height is adjustable to need of the user
• It is designed by using an aluminum frame that is light in weight.


• This shower seat is light in weight
• It provides its users with a lifetime warranty
• It is spacious
• It is durable and can be assembled without any difficulty.


• You cannot fix it to narrow bathtubs or showers
• It can only support weight up to 250 lbs.

Deluxe Padded Shower Stool designed By Platinum Health

It is padded and consists of armrests; this padded shower seat made by popular platinum Health, which is easy to use and comfortable in the washroom. It contains a vivid blue color material that can be easily cleaned as well as water-resistant.

It can be easily disinfected. Elders can easily see this chair in the washroom because of its bright color, and it is perfectly impaired.


• Height of this shower chair can be adjusted
• It is made from aluminum of medical grade that won’t disappoint you
• It can be washed and cleaned without difficulty as it contains polyurethane padding in it
• It gives a lifelong guarantee.


• It can be easily cleaned
• It is less in weight and durable
• Due to its color, it can be seen without any difficulty
• It is comfortable for elders to use.


  • Often people do not like its dark blue color.

For visually impaired elders, this seat is considered the most appropriate and for people looking for something with backrest and armrests both!


You can choose a shower seat from the above mentioned. The final decision depends on the needs and requirements of your elders. Your elders will consider a shower seat, which is sturdy, durable, and long effecting, which will keep them safe during a bath and keep them safe from slipping in the bathroom.

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