Best Three Wheel Bikes for Seniors


Three-wheeled bicycles or trikes are becoming popular amongst the elderly as a safe and convenient way to get around.

Three-wheeled bikes are stable, safe, unbelievably comfortable, easy to maintain, and fun to ride. Moreover, for image-conscious people, you can look pretty cool riding one! But what really sets trikes apart is their lower to ground profile, which makes them easy to mount and dismount.

Three-wheel bikes for adults continue to evolve. The latest models are coming out with tons of advanced features, including responsive braking systems, enhanced steering, large carriers, and cushioned seats.

What Is an Adult Tricycle or Three Wheel Bike?

An adult tricycle, as their title suggests, are three-wheeled bicycles that are famous for being super steady and safe.

Also known as ‘trikes,’ they are based on the same concept as regular bicycles or motorcycles and so they can be motorized (electric), foot, or hand pedaled.

Most trikes have a “step-through” design for easy mounting, a carrying basket, and also comfortable seating style. These tricycles are available in attractive designs and are very popular among people with mobility or balance problems. They are versatile mobility vehicles and are even used for commercial transport in some countries.

Why Are Three-Wheeled Bikes Popular?

The addition of several safety features makes tricycles popular among older adults who aren’t fit or confident enough to ride a regular two-wheeled bicycle. From people who don’t know how to ride a bike to those who have problems with their backs, everyone loves riding a trike!

Best Three Wheel Bikes for Adults

Choosing which three-wheeled bicycle to buy can be tricky. As trikes aren’t very common, you might not be sure which brands are the best ones or which features you should be looking out for. So, in the next section, I’ll show you the top three-wheel bikes that I recommend for older adults.

Schwinn Adult Tricycle -Meridian 26-Inch Three-Wheel Bike

The Schwinn Adult Tricycle has remained on the list of bestselling entry-level three-wheel bicycles thanks to its long list of impressive features.  First of all, it has a single gear so that you are able to ride without needing to worry about changing gears due to terrain alterations. 

Subsequently, due to its large 26″ tires, this three-wheeler slides over different surface finishes with both confidence and admirable zeal. The bike has won many accolades from elders and handicapped adults due to its durable aluminum step-through frame, which makes it lighter and easy to mount/dismount.

As far as comfort is concerned, this bike comes second to none. From the extremely padded spring cruiser saddle to the classic drifted back handlebars, which ensure that the rider remains in a relaxed, natural riding position. In addition, the availability of a big folding basket and the pretty looks also contribute to the 5-star rating given to this bike. 


  • Single-speed
  • Aluminum step-through frame
  • Rear Handbrake / Front linear-pull brake
  • Alloy rims
  • Spring cruiser saddle
  • Upright handlebars
  • Folding basket


  • The convenient rear basket to store your baggage
  • Pretty Looks 
  • The 26″ wheels provide stability and excellent maneuvering capability on irregular surfaces.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The step-through design ensures smooth mounting/dismounting


  • The position of rear fenders causes them to occasionally rub against the tires.
  • It does not have gears. 


The efficient braking system, upright handlebars, and a consistent single-speed acceleration make this best selling 3-wheel bike an outstanding entrance discretionary for adults.

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

Mobo Triton is three-wheeled bikes that are designed to satisfy anyone who wants to use them for adventure purposes. It helps you to explore and experiment by allowing you to hit top cruising speeds while maintaining balance due to its dual-stick rear-wheel steering.

This is best recommended for adults who are searching for a bit of action and adventure in the countryside or traveling in a busy city because its steering system permits sharp turning and high precision maneuvering even in the packed spaces.

Due to its heavily cushioned reclined seat, this bike will allow you to get a cardio workout without hurting your back and keep you healthy and fit without overstretching.


The Mobo Triton features a comfortable seat, inflatable rubber tires, and an attractive design.  

There are some other features as well that makes it a competent urban bike, including:

  • The steering is sharp and smooth with 2-handlebars
  • It has Extendable hi-tensile steel frame
  • The weight capacity is 250 lbs.
  • 20″ front, 16″ rear wheels  with inflatable rubber tires
  • It has Caliper brakes
  • It also includes a Safety flag
  • The free-wheel hub is also attached


  • The seat features cushioned back support
  • The frame is adjustable with this 3-wheel bicycle that can be beneficial for the whole family.


It can take time to get used to two stick steering wheel.


This recumbent bike is beneficial for adults because of its frame and unique rear-wheel steering system. It provides fun when working out or on a shopping trip.

Kent Adult Westport Folding Tricycle For Adults

The Kent Westport bike is very comfortable when handling bumps and potholes, it seems like it can smooth out even the bumpiest of roads.

The main feature of these tricycles is a handy suspension fork that helps to soften every bump.

The main advantage of this type of bike is that it folds up, so it takes less space when transporting it to picnics or beaches. You can take it anywhere you want to go.

The Kent bike includes a sturdy steel frame that is a definite plus that contains a handy cargo basket, which is very important for the camping purpose.


The main features include:

  • It has Steel frame
  • Suspension fork
  • The handlebars are Extra-wide adjustable upright
  • It contains excellent Cargo basket
  • There is Linear pull brakes
  • The size of the wheel is 20-inch
  • The design is folding for easy transportation


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It helps to protect from a rough impact with bumpy roads
  • The design of these bikes is excellent for larger adults
  • It can be easily folded, which means it takes less space in the garage.


  • You may find it too large to fit in your car’s trunk


The Kent folding trike includes a unique shock absorption system. This makes it easy to ride through bumps, potholes, and bad roads, making it a comfortable tricycle for everyday use. Combine this with an easy to use folding feature, and you have a trike that can do it all!

Komodo Cycling 24″, 6-speed Adult Tricycle

The Komodo 6 speed tricycle is considered to be one of the best trikes for elderly adults due to its ultra-low step-through design. You can easily mount and dismount it when required.

It contains a stem steering system that helps to control your bicycle easily. This system is helpful even when you are riding in bad weather. It helps to keep you straight and save you from any danger.

It also includes a handlebar that is made up of steel that puts it to an upright position. The benefit is that it shifts your weight further back and helps to drive brilliantly downhill.

And when you want to make it stop, the duo of steel rear brakes and alloy front brakes will stop you on a dime!


  • It has 24-inch rims
  • 6-Speeds, shifter, derailleur
  • The handlebar is made up of steel
  • It has a Stem steering system.
  • The saddle is large(12.25 x 11.75 inches)
  • It has Alloy front and steel rear brakes
  • The design is Ultra-low.


  • The seat is with cushioned back support is the most comfortable thing for our back.
  • The main advantage is the frame it contains that is adjustable with this 3-wheel bicycle that can be beneficial for the whole family. 
  • It is effective for adults who need special care like the patients suffering from down syndrome, autism, mental challenges because of its safety flag, caliper handbrakes, and rubber tires.


  • It is not easy to attach an ordinary bike trailer due to the rear basket that is fixed. 


The speed of Komodo cycling 24″-6 speed is outstanding and breathtaking even when you are using it on mountainous terrain. Its ultra-low design makes it easy to mount. 

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle.

An aluminum rim with 20″ x 1.75″ Kenda tires enables Mantis Tri-Rad Adult Tricycle to handle smooth surfaces as well that are not even. There is an easy to use steering system as well that helps to control and provide stability. As it is foldable, you can pack it to a standard car trunk and keep more luggage as well.

This type of tricycle is perfect for people with some disabilities, which prevents them from riding traditional bicycles.


  • It contains Folding steel frame
  • Steel suspension fork
  • Aluminum rims
  • Single-speed
  • Front v-brake plus a parking brake
  • Front fender
  • Bell
  • Chainguard


  • As it is foldable, you can pack it to a standard car trunk and keep more luggage
  • The price is reasonable
  • It contains a spring seat, which helps you stay comfortable even on a long bumpy ride!
  • There is a front shock absorption system that helps to reduce the impact whenever you cross bumps or hit any boulders.


  • Gears are not available so you may find it harder to go up hills

Benefits Of Using A Three Wheel Bike Over a Two Wheel Bike

There are many benefits to riding a three-wheeled bike:

1.       Reduced Risk Of Injury

There is much less risk of injury as they are inherently more stable and unable to fall over like a two-wheel bike.

2.       Mounting/Dismounting

For people who have mobility problems, three-wheel bikes have a low-profile design that makes them much easier to mount and dismount.  

3.       Folding Design

Many three-wheeled bikes are a folding design which enables you to pack them in the trunk of your car and take them with you wherever you are going. This makes them great for vacation use or on family trips.

4.       Suitable for people with Special Needs

Trikes are designed for comfort. You will find many features in few 3-wheel bikes that make them very intuitive to ride. These help adults having difficulties with coordinating or users who are handicapped. 

5.       They are More Comfortable

Three-wheel bikes are more comfortable compared to regular bikes. You may find the seat more padded and larger in size. Your posture can be better on these type of bikes that help to support your spine, legs, so you feel comfortable for long rides.

Disadvantages Of Using A Three-Wheel Bike Over a Two-Wheel Bike


Three-wheel bikes are generally more expensive compared to two-wheel bikes. However, there are several budget models available that are competitively priced.


Three-wheel bikes are wider than two-wheel bikes, and therefore they take up more space when you need to store them. This can be solved by buying a folding three-wheel bike.

Various Types Of Adult Tricycles

Various types of three-wheeled bikes are available as follows:

1. Hand Crank Trikes

This type of tricycle is a three-wheeled bike that is operated by using your hands instead of feet. Hand crank trikes are popular amongst the users who are unable to use their legs or don’t have enough strength in their legs, as this gives them an option to ride a bicycle.

2. Folding Trikes

This type of three-wheel bicycle is easier for the ardent travelers who like to keep a trike that they can easily carry along with them wherever they go.

3. Trailmate Fun Bike

This is a recumbent type of three-wheel bicycle that you pedal with your feet. It features a comfortable seat and a stable frame.

4. Recumbent Trikes

It has a wider opening that makes it easy enough to step in. It is made with comfort accessories, and there is even reclined pose where riders can keep their legs in front.

5. Semi-Recumbent Trikes

This is the type of trike having pedal forward, and it contains the best features of a recumbent and a conventional tricycle. It is easy to pedal such recumbent.

By using this trike, cyclists can maintain a natural posture, and it is easy for them to hold it with a raised seatback.

6. Electric Tricycles

If you don’t have the physical fitness to pedal for a long time or you get tired on steep inclines, then an electric tricycle would be the best choice. You can operate it as a normal pedal cycle until you need some help, then you can switch on the electric motor to give you assistance when you need it.

7. Special Purpose/Adaptive Trikes

Many trikes are made for people suffering from disorders like cerebral palsy, autism, poor coordination. These are more expensive as they are custom built. They can feature things such as custom-shaped handlebars and seats.

Things to Look for When Testing a 3 Wheel Bicycle

Before you hand over your money, read through this list of things to consider when buying a new three-wheel bike.

Storage Space

Do you have enough space to store in it when winter comes? Trikes take up more space than two-wheel bikes. If you are very limited in space, you could buy a folding trike instead.  

Acceleration and Speed

Speed and gears would be important for you if you liked a blistering performance as you can quickly rev up the speeds when changing the gear and moving up and downhill.

If you think having many gears to change will be confusing, then there’s nothing wrong with getting a single speed tricycle. This will be easier and more relaxing to ride. You will only benefit from multiple gears if you plan on riding in very hilly areas.


The ergonomics are critical and cover items like the center of gravity, the height of the seat, the reach of the handlebars.  

Basket Size, Looks

Other things that also matter when purchasing 3 wheel bikes are the size, its cost, quality, storage basket where you can store items.

Tips for Tricycle Riding


Keep this in mind that your three-wheel bike is wider than typical bicycles. So you need to be careful when passing cars and other road users that you leave enough space. If you are used to riding a two-wheel bike, it may take some time to get used to the extra size of your trike.  

Safe Braking

The brakes on tricycles are often very efficient and allow quick stopping. Unlike two-wheeled bikes, there are usually no brakes on the rear wheels, so you will have to get used to a different way of braking.

Some tricycles have two brakes on the front wheel, which makes it stop much quicker than on a two-wheel bike. You should practice braking, starting gently, and gradually increasing the pressure, so you know what to expect should you ever have to apply the brakes in an emergency.

You should be cautious when riding in rainy weather when the road becomes slippery, and there may be chances of skidding.

Perfect Your Steering

Unlike a two-wheel bike, you cannot lean to steer a trike as both rear wheels must stay on the ground. This means all the steering is done through the handlebars. You may find that your trike has a larger turning circle, this means that it takes more space to turn around a corner. You should practice turning around corners of different radius, so you get used to how much steering angle to apply.


This is a handy acronym that makes it easy to remember the essentials of trike ownership.

You should take all possible safety measures before planning a trip, as this may avoid any frustrating roadside emergencies. 

T-CLOCS stands for:

T – Tires: keep checking your trike for low pressure and excessive wear

C – Controls: check for the loose brake

L – Lights:  check all the lights that are working or not

O – Oil/Fluids:  before starting any trip, check all the brake fluids and essential lubricants. 

C – Chassis:  check for any damage to the frame, fenders, and all the nuts of the seats. 

S – Stand:  if fitted, make sure your stand holds the trike securely.

Traveling Safely

Keep your bag secured so that it won’t fall. The owner’s manual of the bike should show its carrying capacity so you can avoid overloading it.

Wear Proper Riding Gear

Whenever you are going for any trip, wear all the essential riding gear that will protect you and the next person sitting with you.

There are chances of three wheels tipping over, so avoid keeping your leg down in any case. If placing your feet down directly, it may lead to leg injuries. 

Final Thoughts

Three-wheel bikes are comfortable and easy to ride when they are compared with traditional two-wheel bikes. It does not matter whether you are a novice, veteran cyclist, or a handicapped rider. You can comfortably ride three-wheel bikes without any fear as they are much safer and more stable.

With so many different three-wheel bicycles to choose from, I hope this guide has helped you decide which trike is best for your needs.   

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