Best Walking Sticks for the Elderly


Today, walking sticks, despite their function, are also used as an essential fashion accessory. Some are not made to hold any weight at all, as they are considered more of a stylish extra.

Walking sticks are designed using a wide range of materials, and many have a delicate handle that is easy to hold. If you put a little pressure on the handle, it may cause discomfort in your hand or even your wrist. You need to pay proper attention when using a walking stick and must bear in mind that they are the best devices used for walking by the elderly, instead of using walking canes.

Older folk may like using walking sticks that are lightweight, where they can easily transfer their body weight from their forearm. Usually, people use walking sticks to aid light injuries; they also help to improve balance. However, people can also carry more robust designs, the sticks that are made of greater weight.

When we talk about the recommended height of the walking stick, generally, it must be about one half the height of the user, with their shoes on!

Walking Sticks Recommended for Arthritis Patients

Walking sticks are best recommended for people who are suffering from arthritis, especially in the hands and wrists. They need to use walking sticks that are comfortable, with a contoured grip.

If you need to use something for limited mobility, allowing limited movement, then walking canes are available.

You can buy walking sticks in different styles to suit various needs. Caregivers must learn in detail about the right types of walking sticks that will be beneficial for the seniors to use, providing independence and comfort.

It is important to keep in mind the following factors that can help you purchase the right type of walking stick for seniors.

When to Buy a Walking Stick

You must also keep in mind the following matters when purchasing the right type of walking stick for your elders or loved ones:

If you see that your elder is becoming unsteady on their feet, this is the right time to buy them a walking stick. It may be awkward for them to use at first, but it is beneficial for them because if they walk on uneven surfaces, this may increase pain in the legs, and the stick will be helpful in giving them stability.

Height of The Walking Stick

You must ensure the right height of the walking stick. This is considered to be the most important factor when purchasing the right type of walking stick for any person. There may be some sort of soreness when the walking stick is used for a longer time.

Also, you may find some instability with walking sticks that are too short when used by those seniors who bear more weight.

The Handle of The Walking Stick

You may find the handle of the walking stick is made up of foam, plastic, rubber, or wood. You may find wood and plastic more reliable as compared to foam which can deteriorate over time. But, as many seniors have a problem gripping with their hands, they may prefer to use foam or rubber handles.

Keep in mind the handle should be of a comfortable size to allow a safe grip. Seniors with arthritis may want a handle with a larger grip. It is important to select the right handle of the walking stick that suits the person using it.

Seniors prefer to use a walking stick that helps them to walk comfortably with less stress on their joints. Benefits some walking sticks offer are an adjustable height, shock-absorbing springs, and comfortable handles.

Measuring for a Walking Stick

It is very important to measure the stick accurately for the person who will use it. Make sure they can stand in an upright position easily, with the support of the walking stick, with their elbow slightly bent. The walking stick can hold their body weight, that is why it is necessary to measure it correctly, or it may lead to joint pain in either elbow or shoulders.

To check the stick properly, you need to make sure that your senior wear their usual pair of shoes, standing upright with their arms loose by their side. The point that needs to be measured is the distance from the wrist joint to the floor. This should be the full length of the walking stick that also contains a rubber tip or ferrule.

If your elder has difficulty in moving one leg, the stick must be held in the hand other than the leg that is affected, so posture can remain upright and balanced. While walking, keep this in mind: the walking stick and the affected leg must move forward together. 

As your elder gets older, you will need to replace or adjust their walking stick, as with the passage of time, we all shrink, and it is very important to keep a check on the right length of the walking stick.

Other Features to Look For

You will find several styles of handles available with walking sticks, so it is essential for your senior to choose one that is suitable and comfortable to use.

Some people also prefer to use the walking sticks that come with a light, helping them to walk even in the dark.

You may select your elder’s favorite color for the walking stick as well – to enhance their personality – and so it is fun for them to use!

Reviews of Five Best Walking Sticks For Elders

Kosmocare walking stick designed for elders:

Kosmocare has been producing high-quality walking sticks for elders that are designed with three legs for added stability.

Product description

This product, designed by Kosmocare, is constructed with three legs so that elders can remain stable. It is recommended for all aged people who may face poor balance while walking. It is light in weight.

The walking stick designed for elders by Kosmocare is sturdy. You may also find anti-slip pods in it that helps to produce a good grip on any surface. Seniors can easily adjust the height using its push-button control.

Who are they for?

It is easy to use, perfectly designed and makes it comfortable for beginners who face problems when walking. 

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Vissco Invalid L-shape Tripod Walking Stick 

Vissco produces high quality yet affordable walking sticks for elders.

Product description

It is highly recommended for geriatric patients to walk using this walking stick. Elders can adjust the height anytime for support and stability. It is recommended for patients suffering from injuries or disorders of the spine, stroke, or chronic arthritis of joints, such as the knee. 

This L-shaped design has three feet, allowing an elder to walk in comfort, without being dependent on others. It is more efficient as compared to the normal walking stick. It consists of an L-shaped handle that is designed for providing a better grip.

Who are they for?

This L-shaped tripod walking stick is recommended for arthritis patients and for patients with minor injuries.

Overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Four-legged walking stick by MCP Jindal WS-420 Quadripod

MCP Jindal WS-420 manufacture walking sticks that are adjustable for all heights and for all ages, but are recommended for seniors facing problems with walking.

Product description

It is made up of lightweight aluminum that is also sturdy.

For a better grip on all surfaces, it is fitted with a rubber shoe.

This four-legged walking stick is ideal for seniors as it helps them to walk with support.

It is designed in an elegant style, and it is durable as well.

It is ideally used by elderly people who need more stability from their walking stick. Seniors who lack core or leg strength or have balancing problems will benefit from using this walking stick.

Overall rating: 3.7/5 stars

MCP Quadripod walking stick with a four-legged design

The MCP Quadripod offers an alternative from the large, popular manufacturers. These four-legged walking sticks come in an array of styles designed to be the perfect fit for all elders, making it easy for them to use.

Product description

It consists of a simple push button that helps to adjust the height easily, from approximately 76 cm to 99 cm.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

It is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum.

For good grip, it is fitted with a rubber shoe.

This four-legged walking stick is ideal for seniors as it helps them to walk with support.

It is styled with an elegant look, and it is durable as well.

Overall rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars

According to our survey, Smartcare makes the best walking stick on the market. You cannot miss this for your elders. The Smartcare walking stick is very easy to use, and it is an amazing support for your elders, making them feel quite independent.

Product description

The height can be easily adjusted. You may also find anti-slip pods with this anti-shock walking stick. It consists of an L-shaped handle, which helps to form an easy grip. This type of walking stick is strong and durable.

Overall rating: People considered this product as really helpful and rated it 5 stars.

Final Verdict

It is important to supply a walking stick for your elders if they are not comfortable walking, or they are suffering from arthritis. Walking sticks help to keep a proper balance. Seniors can feel confident to walk with the help of a walking stick, and using one also helps with stress or tensions on the joints and bones. Using a walking stick helps to increase a senior’s control and gives them independent mobility!

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