Best Yoga and Fitness Apps for Seniors


Yoga has, over the years, taken its position as one of the most beneficial physical activities for both body and mind. More and more people are looking to yoga as a manageable and enjoyable way to keep fit as well as mentally healthy.

Technology has played a crucial role in helping people to get used to a form of exercise that can feel quite alien to what they are used to. Whether it’s videos, audio, or fully interactive apps, technology can provide the framework and push needed to make yoga a part of a daily routine.

For seniors, yoga can be an essential part of an exercise and rehabilitation program. Aging comes with different health challenges, including joint pains, osteoarthritis, and other physical shortcomings. These unfortunate yet, at times, inevitable conditions can be very well managed with a good session of daily yoga practice.

Through the innovations of mobile apps, you can conveniently have your very own yoga instructor and guide in the palm of your hands. Yoga apps have been made available by different developers giving you a wide range to choose from, each with its benefits.

Depending on your goals or fitness ambitions, you can find an app that’s just perfect for you. One that suits your daily routine and provides you with the fitness guides you require specifically for your set goals.  

Best Yoga Apps for Seniors

Below is a selection of five of the best yoga apps that are suitable for seniors to choose from:

Fitstar Yoga

First up is an app developed by yoga instructor Tara Stiles. This app offers you a complete personalized experience to achieve your set goals. Individualized routines to go with your predetermined fitness ambitions are captured in this app.

You can feed the app with specified information that suits your daily routine and leave it to the app to provide you with specialized guides through your practice sessions.

Simply Yoga

Coming with over 30 yoga moves, this app gives you the convenience of choice. With periodic 20, 40, and 60-minute instructional videos, it is safe to say, and you can adequately receive the tips you need to succeed at yoga.

Simply put together for maximum understandability, this app could be the missing piece from your fitness puzzle.

Besides, it a user-friendly Yoga app; hence seniors will find it easier to use it. Seniors can quickly get fitness guides that will guarantee them a healthy and fit body.

Therefore, as a caregiver, you can always get this application for the senior who is under your care and be sure that he/she will enjoy maximum yoga and fitness benefits.

Down Dog

Choose from 7 different yoga instructors with this app. The flexibility and diversity brought with this application are truly impressive.

A 3-day introduction to yoga practice, conveniently focusing on improving your back’s posture. The options you get from the different instructors available gives you a feel for various workouts.

Professional yoga instructors give you the very best of illustrations for your sessions.

Asana Rebel

This App comes with a fitness-oriented purpose. Yoga has predominantly been connected to workouts. With this app, you can achieve your fitness goals conveniently over a set period of time.

Integrate your workout schedule with the customizable sessions offered by this app. The more you incorporate the yoga practices into your workout schedule, the more your fitness goals are more likely to be realized. Routinely engage the app for optimal results.

Glo (Formerly YogaGlo)

This flexible application gives you multiple options to work with. Allowing you to customize the system to work suitably with your goals.

Earning top-ranked status, this app can fit into your purposes, whether beginner or otherwise. Seniors can easily rely on this yoga app to engage in a wide variety of mindfulness exercises and workouts.

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

A lot of people choose to indulge in yoga for any among various all viable reasons. With technological advancements, it is now easier and convenient to decide when, where, and how to go about your daily yoga routines.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or only looking to expand your horizons, yoga practices can be a valuable addition to your daily livelihood.

Several professionals have recommended yoga to keep fit and maintain good health. They note that yoga adds to the physical and mental quality by engaging the body and the mind. The increased hectic days and stressful times have necessitated the practice of yoga.

A few of the benefits of yoga are as follows.


Yoga teaches you to listen to your body, and the sessions train you to become one with self. By paying attention to your emotions and thoughts, you are mastering the technique of being mindful and being one with self

Respiratory Gains

With advanced age comes restricted physical capabilities. Respiration can be affected for this reason. Yoga practices enhance the performance of the different elements of your body. Breathing is as well a beneficiary of yoga practices

Improves Balance and Stability

Yoga practices are known for their transformative impact. A few sessions of yoga moves can translate to noticeable progress over a reasonably short time. Your core is strengthened and with this stability and balance significantly improved

Reduced Anxiety

While experiencing a yoga session, you get to achieve a calm, relaxed, and composed state. There is no room for anxiety within this space. Yoga practice routinely scheduled will have you refreshed.


It is clear yoga can be a positive addition to seniors’ daily routine. Flexibility with the offered sessions provides convenient options to work with. Yoga can especially be of more importance to seniors. It not only enhances their level of fitness but is also crucial for improving the quality of their life by giving them enough relaxation and happiness.

The widely embraced practice has seen the rapid growth in the demand for yoga guides and instructors. Yoga apps provide a perfect and efficient solution to convenience and comfort while involved in a session of yoga.  

The demand for differently guided or illustrated yoga sessions has paved the way for the development of uniquely designed apps to suit your uniquely designed requirements. However, one must be very careful when choosing a yoga app. There are a lot of them around; hence the chances are that a senior might end up selecting the wrong or inefficient yoga app.  

Above is a list of five of the apps on offer to give you the best yoga experience. Some even come with free trials and illustrations to get you started.

They come with different features complementing each other to offer you the best experience possible. You are adequately covered with this array of options.

Whether you are a beginner planning on giving yoga a try, or you are simply looking to expand your horizons, you have the best selection at your disposal.

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