Top 5 Large Print Books for Seniors


Seniors can greatly benefit from reading. Scientific studies have discovered reading enhances memory, sharpens decision-making skills, delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia, and reduces stress.

Reading also helps senior’s sleep better. Reading can also stimulate seniors’ mental function. When reading global or national events, they can increase their awareness of their surroundings.

Weaker eyesight is very common amongst senior people as our eyesight starts to weaken as we get older. Therefore, it is advised to recommend books that contain large prints for ease and comfort when reading.

Best Large Print Books for Seniors

Here are some publications available in large print that are highly recommended:

The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman

This is a true story and a tribute to the everlasting memories of courage and strength of people who survived in Poland during World War II.

It is a non-fiction book that may interest seniors with interest in history. They will read a superb story about a courageous couple who decided to use their empty zoo to give shelter to hundreds of Jews during World War 2. If you are looking for a fascinating and thrilling book, this one won’t disappoint!

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Set in Russia in 1922, this story revolves around the life, love, and trials of an aristocrat named Count Alexander Rostov. He is sentenced to house arrest by the communists for writing a politically incorrect poem.

He is allowed to stay in the hotel, but if he leaves, he is to be killed on the spot.  Excellent descriptions of unfortunate occurrences and the gentle writing style will keep seniors engaged and wanting to read on. An upbeat and lighthearted novel that will lift the spirits of elderly readers.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

This Number one New York Times Bestseller is a beautifully written story set in North Carolina. It tells the story of a young girl called Kya and her determination to survive. It is a story about survival, determination, hope, love, and loneliness all in one.

Kya is abandoned by her mother, and then her father, the story’s main themes are abandonment and isolation. There are a number of plot twists and turns along the journey, which will keep seniors at the edge of their seats. This is a perfect addition to their bookshelves!

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson

This humorous book is about an old man, Allan Karlsson, who, on his 100th birthday, decides to escape his birthday party. He goes on the run from his care home in his slippers and ends up having a mysterious adventure involving a suitcase.

The story includes exciting flashbacks to his earlier life, which will make you feel like a time traveler as you witness several historical events of the twentieth century. Besides being extremely amusing, this book is also thought-provoking and definitely an interesting read for an elderly person.

Murder in the One Percent by Saralyn Richard

Are you a murder mystery fan? Then this book comes highly recommended. The book explores several key characters who all have a motive to kill the very wealthy former politician after a very grand birthday party.

If you want to solve the mystery yourself, you must be intelligent enough to look into clues she has inserted in every part of the story. It is a pleasurable read and indeed a highly recommended one!


These are a selection of best-selling large print books that you can buy for your senior relatives.  Remember that by purchasing a large print book as a gift for them, you are ensuring their minds stay active, and they experience all the health and happiness benefits from reading a good book.

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