The Best Medical Alert System with No Monthly Fee for Seniors

What is a Medical Alert System?

Medical alert systems are designed to provide emergency monitoring in and out of the home. They give a signal when urgent attention and emergency medical support is needed.

Medical Alert Systems can save seniors’ lives by alerting emergency services quickly. When a trigger is pressed, and in some instances, whenever a fall is detected, they connect the user to the support handler.

One of the best ways that seniors can stay independent and overcome the fear of fall injuries when they are alone is to invest in a medical alert system.

After all, the risk of falling should never discourage you from doing your favorite physical and social activities.

These easy-to-use communication tools allow seniors to remain living safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

A medical alert system often called a personal emergency response system (PERS) or fall button, is a combination of state-of-the-art communication and computer technology.

There are two types of systems available: in-home systems and mobile systems. Read on to see how they work.

How No-Fee Medical Alert Systems Work

Medical alert systems that operate without monthly payments are similar to those with monthly fees.

The biggest difference is the person who receives the request for help in an emergency. Whereas controlled medical warning systems communicate with a contact center, where the severity of the situation is decided by a supervisor, a no-fee device immediately dials a chosen contact (e.g., a relative or carer) or 911.

There are two major categories of no-fee medical warning systems on the market: those which sound an alarm in your property and those which dial an external phone.

Why Choose a No-Fee Medical Alert System?

For most seniors living on a fixed income, it can be hard to fit lifesaving technology like medical alerts into their budget, and the on-going monthly costs can be challenging to afford.

No-fee medical alert systems offer peace of the mind and convenience of paid systems with just a small difference in the service you receive compared to paid systems.

Which are the Best No-Fee Medical Alert Systems?

In the USA, there are a large number of medical alarm firms, and they can differ greatly in terms of the quality of the products and the services that they provide.

With almost endless choices to make, it’s challenging to find the best one. So, I’ve created a hand-picked shortlist of the best systems.

Every option I’ve listed offers the essential features you need and are trusted brands with good reputations. Just pick the one that suits your budget and needs the best.

Here are the Best Medical Alert Systems without fees for you:

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 Phone

The LogicMark Guardian Warning 911 Phone is a non-service or daily payment emergency alarm service.

It provides you with quick and timely connections to emergency 911 facilities. The Guardian Warning system acts as a cordless telephone with tone dialing and a 911 connection system.

To initiate an emergency call, all you need to do is click the featured Blue Activator button for at least 2 seconds.

The recessed button stops unintended activation. This device also comes with an auto-standby feature that suspends its functions after about 4 minutes of inactivity to save on electricity significantly.

You can put it around your neck or hold it in a handy bag.

The energy efficiency is also worth acclaim because it operates on just one AAA battery for up to one year.

This includes a 24-hour, 7-day week emergency coverage that can be used by more than one user. The duplex jack makes communication between a second phone and a single outlet simpler.

Additionally, this device is water and flood-proof to guarantee its longevity.

Its only downside is that it does not call custom contacts like your family members or neighbors; instead, it directly dials 911.


  • Long battery life (Up to 1 Year)
  • Durable
  • Great range
  • Waterproof
  • Good Price
  • Emergency backup


  • No Custom Contacts

Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System

This alert system is another fast and easy 2-way emergency alert without monthly subscriptions.

It’s always a perfect situation when you can stay in contact with good friends and receive support from your neighbors. This system is designed to enable you to connect from anywhere in your house easily and automatically.

This not only acts as a safety alert but also allows consumers the option to respond to incoming calls from the device. This means you minimize the possibility of missing a call or rushing to the phone, which can cause an accident or fall.

There are no maintenance charges, and it operates with a one-single button to alert at the time of an emergency. The idea that it connects immediately without linking to a call center means you can connect immediately to 911 or your relatives in the case of an emergency.

This security device definitely acts as a simple, inexpensive, stand-alone solution with a quick operating system and installation process. In only one click of the button, you can send the emergency alert message, and you will get a quick response.

This will save vital time, which would otherwise be spent searching for the correct number while faced with an emergency.

A wall mount kit is provided for the base unit, which remains connected to your phone line.

The pendant has a handy battery indicator that helps you to charge your alert system at any particular time, so you are ready for an emergency scenario.

The Touch n Talk allows you to set up five custom contacts in an emergency. With optimal emergency coverage, you can opt to customize the contacts of 4 family members and 911.


  • Easy to use
  • Great range
  • Easy to operate
  • Single-press emergency button
  • Immediate alarm delivery and response
  • Optional remote wall mount
  • Water-resistant pendant
  • Good price


  • Instructions can be hard to understand for elderly
  • Large in size
  • Neck Chain /necklace to hold device sold separately

Life Link Response Medical Alert System

The Life Link Response Medical Alert Device features a well-designed wrist unit and a base station that makes it suitable for the elderly as well as other vulnerable users. 

It’s an auto-monitored emergency response device that can give you total peace of mind in terms of both your health and that of your whole family. Anybody in your house can call out for assistance at any moment, with only a one-button activation.

This free medical warning program is intended to operate with a cable phone and VOIP devices. So, you only need to link it to your home telephone line to start enjoying its excellent services.

Before using the Life Link Response, you’ll need to customize your favorite phone numbers. You can store up to 3 custom contacts in addition to the emergency services.

Its 500-foot range allows it to be dialed easily from inside and near your house.

Moreover, the accessories accompanying this package are water-resistant.  Therefore, it can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or garden without fear of damaging it.  

The base station has an elegant style that will perfectly suit the decor of your home after installation without looking unsightly.

Again, the portable support button wristwatch looks amazing when wrapped around your hand or carried around your neck with its silicone band.


  • Great range
  • Water-resistant pendant
  • Good price


  • Mixed reviews

Help Alarm Emergency Alert System

The Help Alarm ensures the safety of the elderly and vulnerable in the event of an accident or ill health anywhere in their home.

Its simple and innovative nature makes it distinctive as well as quick and convenient to set up and use.

There are two pendants in the system, the bracelet, and the chain. The wrist bracelet is fully water-resistant and includes an SOS button that can be easily pressed in an emergency.

Additionally, the necklace design comes with a quick-press button and a 28-inch lanyard for secure collar wearing.

This medical alarm system enables you to save up to 3 contacts to access in case of an emergency.  You are able to configure any contacts you wish, such as relatives or neighbors, including 911.

What sets this device apart is that, once you push the SOS button, it plays a 6-second audio response that is transmitted instantly to the line of your assistance. 

The pre-recorded call can convey your emergency needs even when you are barely able to talk.

This machine is also compliant with most standard telephone lines as well as VOIP systems.


  • Water-resistant pendant
  • Works with a regular phone line


  • Not enough feedback available

Skylink AD-105 Dial Security Alert Voice Phone Dialer

Skylink is the manufacturer of the quick 911 dialer. In case of an emergency incident, this is a device that ranks high in its class to enable elderly and vulnerable people to receive assistance quickly.

This medical alarm systems consist of a home alarm system, a wall-console, and a handheld device.

The remote control and wall control allow you to dial-up numbers if you need emergency support at the press of a button.

What you need to do is to click the activated panic button or Skylink sensor, and the 911 dialer will call the chosen device numbers to help. This system allows you to configure up to 9 telephone numbers after activation, which you may consider helpful in emergency scenarios.

The programmable exit/entry pause is available for added convenience to prevent generating an alarm if the system is accidentally switched on. The system is consistent with not only landlines but VOIPs as well.


  • Dial-Up To 9 Numbers
  • Skyling Alarm as a precautionary measure


  • Pendants Sold Separately


With a high-quality medical alarm device installed in your home with no monthly charge, you can now afford to treat any emergency in the best possible way.

Ensure that you opt for an emergency response program that is compatible with your financial prospects, while also supplying you with outstanding facilities.

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