The Best Non-Slip Slippers for Seniors

Are you searching for some reliable slippers that will help your elderly relatives to avoid serious falls in the home? Thousands of elderly people fall over at home every year due to poorly fitting footwear, resulting in serious injury and even death. However, many falls can be prevented by wearing the right supportive footwear in the home.

To keep elderly people safe in their homes, you can buy shoes or slippers that easily and fully support their ankles. The sole of the slippers must be made of hard rubber to provide a strong grip. These shoes must be comfortable and also a perfect fit.

Important Factors to Take into Consideration

A high number of elderly people suffer from ailments such as arthritis and diabetes, which can lead to swelling of the feet. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to wear regular footwear. It is advised that elderly people wear their specially designed safety slippers for the whole day, to avoid potential falls and accidents in the home.

Many elderly people prefer wearing slippers rather than shoes when at home, as they are more comfortable to wear and can be removed easily whenever they want.

Another reason they prefer wearing slippers at home is that they can still wear them easily, even if there is pain or swelling in their feet. Slippers are a great source of ease and comfort if they are suffering from these various foot ailments.

Physicians also recommend the wearing of stable slippers for elderly people suffering from strength or balancing problems in their ankles or legs.

House Shoes vs. Slippers

There is sometimes confusion between house shoes and slippers, but there is a major difference as slippers are specifically designed with a soft sole and include an anti-slip grip that minimizes the risk of falling.

Different Types of Non-Slip Slippers

These are the variety of non-slip slippers that are the most effective at protecting seniors from falling:

  • Standard slippers: These types of slippers are easily available and are designed for everyday use.
  • Sock slippers: These socks include grippers that have a rubber sole.
  • Boot slippers: These slippers are comfortable and also support the ankle.

Why Do Elderly People Need Non-Slip Slippers?

As well as being easy to wear and comfortable, there are some other important benefits for seniors. It is important for them to understand why these special slippers have been designed for them.

But if the slippers are safe, then elders can comfortably wear them instead of continuing to suffer from swelling or pain.

Other reasons why elders must wear non-slip slippers:

  • Avoiding accidents

Wearing non-slip slippers helps to prevent potential accidents in the home. A study by Dr. Carol Frey discovered that most injuries suffered by elderly people in the home are a result of unsuitable footwear.

To select the most suitable footwear, consider a variety of brands including athletic shoes, loafers, and regular Oxford shoes as these are flat. Some shoes do not have an adequate grip and are slippery. They cannot support the elderly person and are more likely to cause a fall. Therefore, it is probably better to wear slippers in the home to avoid such slips and falls.

When elderly people wear safe and comfortable slippers, they feel more encouraged to walk and be more active. So, the correct slippers can help them to become more active in the home.

What Features To Look For When Purchasing Non-Slip Slippers

Most elderly people like to wear comfortable and relaxing slippers whilst at home. There are certainly many slippers that are only designed for seniors to wear and are also the non-slippery type.

Avoiding slippers and shoes that cause pain:

The following types of slippers must be avoided when thinking of purchasing the right non-slip slippers for your elders:

  • Flip flops (loose slippers):

Usually, people prefer to wear sandal style slippers that are very common in many parts of the world. This includes backless shoes or slippers that are also known as flip flops.

These types of slippers offer no support or comfort, slippers and are not recommended for long trips.

  • High heel slippers:

Many women have been injured and fractured bones as a result of wearing high heels. Some have even suffered head injuries when they have tripped and fallen down.

  • Smooth Soles:

Smooth soled shoes are dangerous for the elderly as they do not provide adequate grip to prevent slips and falls. Although they look good, they are not recommended as a suitable shoe for seniors.

Seniors are more prone to slipping on floors, carpets, or even tiled surfaces with these smooth sole shoes.

You should collect all the relevant information in terms of the shoes your elderly relatives require, so you can purchase the correct non-slip slippers. This ensures they can walk safely and comfortably around their homes.

The Best Non-Slip Slippers for Senior Citizens

Here are some highly recommended non-slip slippers that are suitable for elderly people.

Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slippers

For elderly women, these slippers are considered to be a blessing as they help them stay active for more extended periods. They prevent sweating of the foot and have a rubber sole, which prevents slips and falls.

These shoes are suitable for ladies that are suffering from swollen feet. The uppers are made from 100% boiled wool to provide warmth from the cold. They are made from premium materials to give maximum comfort.

These slippers are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. The rubber sole makes them very durable and long-lasting.


  • They are hand-stitched.
  • The rubber material provides grip and traction to prevent falls.
  • The wool keeps the feet warm, and the inner cushioning provides maximum comfort.
  • Acorn’s well- known cloud-style design is included.
  • Added arch support for stability.


  • They are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The soft wool material ensures these slippers are comfortable and keep the feet warm.
  • There is an extra arch that provides stability.
  • They can be easily worn and removed.


Some users state that the sizes are too tight, so they recommend buying half a size larger.

Silvert’s Women’s Extra Wide Adjustable Slippers

These are the best slippers for seniors, especially those suffering from diabetes and any other issues with their feet. For example, bunions, hammertoes, corns, and various other podiatry problems as these slippers have an extra-wide width, which ensures comfort.

The wide width slipper opening features a hook and loop fastener. The memory foam insoles provide the ultimate comfort.

Features of Silvert’s Women’s slippers:

  • Wide width-The width can be easily adjusted. Excellent for swollen feet or ankles.
  • The comfort-The insole is made of memory foam.
  • Ease -They can be easily worn and removed quickly.

Non-slip soles- Provide the ultimate safety.


  • Seniors can wear them without any support.
  • These adjustable non-slip slippers are safe and skid resistant.
  • It contains an anti-bacterial feature that helps prevent foot odor.


Some seniors have complained about the width of the slippers.

Rock dove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers for seniors:

These slippers offer elderly men both safety and comfort. These slippers are made of 95% cotton and spandex. They are slip-on, which makes them easy to take on and off.

They have cushioned memory foam insoles, which provide the ultimate comfort for your elderly relative when they want to give their feet a well-deserved rest.


  • The insole is made of memory foam, which molds to the shape of the feet.
  • The waffle knit upper allows the feet to breathe in hot weather.
  • The durable sole has anti-slip properties, which prevents skids and falls.


  • Easy on/off-They can be easily put on and removed.
  • Ultimate comfort-These non-slip slippers help to keep your feet comfortable with the high-quality memory foam.
  • Anti-Slip-The rubber soles ensure falls and skids are prevented.

They are machine washable.


  • Some people report issues with the stitching and durability of the slippers.

Git-up Women Diabetic Non-Slip Slippers

Are you having difficulty wearing shoes due to the fact you are diabetic or suffer from arthritis or plantar fasciitis?  These Git-up women non-slip slippers are highly recommended in such cases as they help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with these conditions.

They have a very comfortable design and a very convenient adjustable closure, which makes the slippers as loose or as tight as the wearer would like. They are made with knitting plush, which is a very lightweight material and also absorbs water.


  • Waterproof TR rubber soles.
  •  Open-toe breathable design.
  • An adjustable Velcro strap.


  • Lightweight odor-free breathable design.
  •  Adjustable closure.
  •  Anti-slip protection rubber sole.

Wide width to accommodate swollen feet and ankles.


  • Order the correct size taking into account the wider width of this slipper.


Changing your footwear may help alleviate foot pain, and it will also minimize the risk of slips and falls. It is, therefore, essential to wear non-slip slippers in the home for elderly people to keep safe.

The crucial factor that must be considered before purchasing non-slip slippers for seniors is that they must have a non-slip sole that supports stability and provides them with the maximum protection from falls.

Also, it is essential to ensure the slippers have anti-bacterial properties to prevent odors and an extra-wide width from providing comfort.

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