Velcro Shoes for Elderly Men

Velcro shoes are an ideal choice when it comes to footwear for older men. Velcro shoes come with a wide variety of benefits for the elderly men in our lives, making them comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off.

In this article, I will explain all there is to know about Velcro shoes, the different types, and their benefits before finally recommending several pairs that will suit all budgets and needs.

As years roll by, old age creeps up on you. This unavoidable phase of life presents a wide variety of issues, for instance, diseases related to old age.

Elderly men start experiencing chronic diseases like arthritis, which triggers joint pain. The back, ankles, feet, or knees can suffer from this condition, making it difficult for them to continue wearing regular pairs of shoes.

Velcro shoes provide a high level of comfort and balance for older men. They are also easy to put on and pull off since they don’t have shoelaces, which could cause a struggle when tying and untying.

How to Choose Velcro Shoes for a Man

When choosing a pair of Velcro shoes, you should take the following factors into consideration:

Cushioning and Support

The ideal Velcro shoe for an elderly man should come with both proper cushioning and support. The shoes will need to absorb shock and minimize stress and pressure on their feet.

Most importantly, they have to feel comfortable when wearing them with minimal or no strain at all on their feet.

Purchase from a Reputable Brand

There are many brands of Velcro shoes on the market. This comes with a risk of buying fake, stressful, and uncomfortable Velcro shoes. This calls for you to be very careful when out and about shopping for this type of footwear. Make sure that you are buying from a trusted brand. At least you will be able to purchase quality Velcro shoes, which will not make their deteriorating health conditions worse.

The Durability of the Velcro Shoes

Of course, you do not want to keep purchasing Velcro shoes quite often. Already there are other demands from the elderly that needs to be met, and money plays a significant factor in satisfying those needs.

To get the best bang for your buck and give them a shoe that will last, purchase from a well-known brand that will last. Also, check the material making sure that they can hold up against any wear and tear.


Older men have their own taste in color. Most of the time, at this stage, they are not following fashion trends any longer and look for comfort over style. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t ask them about their preference, making sure to get them the shade of Velcro shoes they prefer. This will get them excited and bring them joy when putting on their new pair of Velcro shoes.

The Best Velcro shoes

Here is a hand-picked list of Velcro shoes that all meet the criteria they need to be comfortable and easy to wear. Just choose the pair that suits your needs and style.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking Shoes

These Velcro shoes offer maximum comfort and balance to older men. They can walk comfortably without feeling any back or joint pain. They have plump cushioning, which ensures the elderly enjoy excellent support and comfort while strolling around the town.

The user will find it easier to put on and pull off these shoes because they are assembled without shoelaces. This means there will be no stress from tying and untying the laces, avoiding any pesky hand cramps. Most importantly, they provide maximum protection to the feet by absorbing any shock from the ground while walking.


  • AZBORB in the heels. It provides maximum protection.
  • Made of 100%, leather materials means they’re durable
  • Plump cushioning offers lasting comfort and support.

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Both an ideal and multipurpose Velcro shoe because of its exceptional versatility. It is one of the most popular Velcro shoes among older men.

They are made from 100% leather material and come priced economically, so it’s a good bang for your buck.

These are arguably the best Velcro shoes that seniors can use, coming with a reputation for comfort. They offer maximum comfort and excellent breathability.

Walking around with them is easy, especially with the shock-absorbing padding, which takes away the potential for any possible shock, protecting the delicate feet of older men.


  • 100% leather material meaning they can be enjoyed for many more years to come.
  • Excellent breathability taking away the chance of having sweaty feet.
  • Inbuilt contoured heel stabilizer, which provides maximum support and balance to seniors.
  • Fully padded footbed and lining that enables the elderly to enjoy every step they take.
  • The perforated upper section ensures that there is full absorption of shock and guarantees maximum breathability.

Calvin Klein Filius Sneakers

First, these Velcro shoes are manufactured by a reputable brand, Calvin Klein. This brand is known for its quality and durability, making it a good option. They are made with smooth and shiny leather material making their sharp and stylish design perfect on older men.

The single Velcro strap makes it easier for seniors to put them on. Theses Velcro shoes provide maximum support and comfort while moving around. Any possibility of shock is stopped in its tracks, thus protecting the feet of seniors.


  • Available in stylish colors like black, monochromatic white, and oxblood.
  • Relatively cushioned soles to offer comfort and absorb shock.
  • They are designed with a Velcro strap quickly put on and take off.

Lugz Voyage 11 Sneaker

These Velcro sneakers come with a stylish upper canvas design, which makes them very unique. They are well-fitting and gentle on the feet, making it easier for seniors to move around with them. Any older man wearing them will feel absolute comfort

Putting on these Velcro sneakers is hassle-free thanks to the addition of a Velcro strap. If the elder adult in your life has specific color preferences, he can choose from the four colors which these Velcro shoes have to offer.


  • Rubber sole, which makes walking around a breeze.
  • The upper canvas that gives these Velcro shoes a stylish design.
  • Single Velcro closure for quick and easy slip-on

Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Velcro Sneaker

Skechers gives older adults a chance to enjoy the latest fashion trends. These fantastic new generation Velcro shoes from Sketchers come with the perfect amount of style of function.

These Velcro sneakers are made from pure leather; hence, quality is guaranteed. Older adults will be able to use them for an extended period of time before having to buy new ones.

These shoes have perforated hook and loop straps so they will fit older men perfectly. They come in two colors, both black and white, giving seniors options to choose from.


  • Two Velcro straps help to keep the feet inside the sneakers.
  • 100% leather makes them long-lasting.
  • Synthetic sole adds comfort to every step seniors make.

Bottom Line

Elderly men have to be choosey when it comes to the type of shoes they wear. The ideal shoes are those which will give them maximum comfort and protection while also being easy to take on and off.  

Such features can be found in quality Velcro shoes that are now available on the market with plenty of choices. Before buying, however, you’ll need to take a good look at what your loved one needs attempting to but Velcro shoes that will be the perfect match to keep them comfy and happy.

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