Velcro Tennis Shoes for the Elderly 


Many elderly people have hobbies that involve playing a sport or doing some form of exercise. Some seniors may even be retired professional sportsmen/women and would like to continue playing their favorite sports.

Unfortunately, although they may be fit and healthy enough to play sport, they may have health issues that make bending down to reach their shoes and tie their shoelaces too tricky.

For elderly adults who have an interest in playing tennis, proper shoes are essential. They need to purchase shoes that are not only well-fitting but also offer exceptional comfort and be easy to put on and take off.

That is why Velcro shoes are recommended for senior citizens as they are the easiest shoes to take on and off, and many Velcro shoes also feature great support, cushioning, and a variety of fit and sizes, including wide fittings. They are gentle on the feet and absorb any shock that might put their feet at risk.

What to Look for When Buying Velcro Tennis Shoes

When it comes to buying Velcro shoes, you need to know what features to look for, so you buy the pair that best suits your needs. To assist you in selecting the best shoes for the elderly, consider the following factors:


While playing tennis, free movement on the court is important, so your tennis shows must fit well, which will help you serve and return comfortably.

Trusted Brands

You may not currently know the best brands that specialize in Velcro shoes, but it’s essential to know them if you want to buy quality and durable Velcro tennis shoes. In this article, only recommended brands that deliver quality shoes are mentioned.


The Velcro tennis shoes you purchase should be durable. The Material of the shoes should be robust enough to serve its purpose for a long time. It is recommended that you purchase Velcro shoes that are made from pure leather. Such shoes are not only sturdy but are also gentle on the feet.

Recommended Velcro Tennis Shoes

Breathable Sports Shoes Labato Strap Sneaker for Men and Women

These Velcro tennis shoes will give seniors both comfort and support while playing tennis. They have a sturdy grip rubber sole, which is comfortable and gentle for their feet.

Their anti-slip feature prevents the elderly from falling and sustaining injuries. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy playing tennis in a more relaxed mood, just the state of mind they need to enjoy their leisure time.

  • Rubber Sole, which provides athletic comfort and strength. The sole is made of lightweight rubber that makes walking more comfortable.
  • Anti-Slip: These shoes provide a compound sole that prevents sprains.
  • Easy Slip-in/Out: They are simple to put on and take off-saving valuable time.
  • A pleasure to walk-in: The Inner soft padding gives real comfort and makes the heels safe.
  • Breathable Material that makes it quite comfortable even if you wear the shoes for a long time.

Leader Show Women’s: Safety Walking Sneakers Elderly Comfortable

Putting on these shoes is hassle-free; therefore, they can spend more time playing tennis or their chosen sport. They are robust and will last a long time without needing any repair or the need to purchase a new pair. Apart from playing tennis, these shoes can also be used for exercising or walking.

  • Easy to put on and take off, saving precious exercise time.
  • Sturdy: They not only provide ease of wear option but also the sturdy structure provides the necessary support for elderly people to carry out their leisure activities.
  • Structure: The insole cushioning provides stress relief as it aims to protect the muscles from getting strained. 
  • Breathable to provide ultra-circulation of air.
  • Different Chores: This pair of shoes can be easily used for walking or jogging.

Air Cushion Breathable Secret Slippers Men’s Adjustable: Walking Comfy Outdoor Sneakers for Diabetic Orthopedic Edema

Playing tennis in any type of shoes can expose the elderly to risks, such as shock and joint pains. Since the elderly are prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, attention ought to be paid to the type of shoes they wear.

This is why the air cushion breathable secret slippers will be perfect for them. They can wear them while playing tennis or simply enjoying a walk around the tennis court. These shoes offer the necessary support to the feet and absorb any potential shock.

Shock Absorption: They absorb potential shocks that might harm elderly men when they are walking or running on any surface. They are particularly appropriate for elderly men who have diabetes or find it difficult to walk.

Supportive Insole Arch: The inner sole has the ability to provide support to the feet providing an angle that may help their swollen feet to walk comfortably.

Secure Velcro Closure: This makes it easy to put on and take off these shoes.

Orthoshoes Women’s Edema Shoes Air Cushion for Diabetic, Elderly, Plantar Fasciitis 

These shoes have a biomechanically engineered comfort feature to support the sensitive feet of elderly women. They generally provide comfort for all elderly women who are prone to diseases such as joint pains or arthritis.


  • Have reliable closure straps that make them easier to wear on and take off.
  • Extra Stretch: These shoes provide extra stretch that gives additional strength to elderly women who have difficulty in adjusting their feet.
  • Material: Breathable Material tends to make these shoes less irritable.

Leader Men’s Elderly Safety Shoes Light Weight Strap Sneakers

Safety is critical when on the tennis court. Elderly men can easily injure themselves or experience regular joint pains by merely wearing the wrong shoes on the tennis court.

This is why they need these lightweight and reliable shoes that offer great comfort to their feet. The shock will be absorbed quickly hence preventing any possible ankle joints. Comfortable and dependable shoes are making it easier for older citizens to walk and move around.

  • Lightweight to provide free movement around the tennis court.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


When it comes to playing tennis, the elderly need to find shoes that will not only give them comfort but also prevent them from getting injured.

This is why they need to use the best Velcro tennis shoes. They can take into consideration the ones discussed above to make the right purchase so that they can enjoy their exercise in a safe and comfortable way.

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